Interest in Code-Sharing Handbook?

Poll created by on Apr 17, 2015

Yesterday (4/16) Stefanie Sanders shared a code-snippet of useful HTML and got the ball rolling on the tag #code-snippets. I think the idea of compiling a crowdsourced, working handbook of useful snippets like that would be a cool project for IDs - what's the broader Group think of it? (This is also my excuse to try out the Create A Poll feature. :-) This poll will run for 2 weeks.

  • **EDIT: Added another option on 4/23 - "I'd use it and contribute to it." (HT Amanda Webster :-)
19 total votes
  • I'd use it. (top voted)
  • I'd contribute to it.
  • I'd use it and contribute to it.
  • I'm neutral.
  • I wouldn't be interested.