What Kind of Gamer-Teacher Are You?

Poll created by G.Petruzella@mcla.edu on Oct 14, 2015

game controllerJust about a year ago, Jordan Shapiro (faculty at Temple University, contributor to Forbes and MindShift at KQED, and public thinker about game-based learning) wrote about a study surveying K-8 teachers in order to understand how they are implementing digital games in their classrooms. The report was from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at the Sesame Workshop. Shapiro notes four different gamer-teacher profiles identified in the study:

  • The Dabblers
  • The Players
  • The Barrier Busters
  • The Naturals

Check out Shapiro's article (or the full Cooney Center report, if you're ambitious!), then decide:


Which of the profiles best fits your relationship with games?

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  • I'm a Dabbler.
  • I'm a Player.
  • I'm a Barrier Buster.
  • I'm a Natural.
  • I'm something else! (tell us in a comment below, and get the conversation going! :-)