How do you feel about the mobile roadmap?

Poll created by Champion on Aug 15, 2016

InstructureCon is over and most of us have started or are getting ready for back to school. I wanted to share a poll to get a pulse check on how everyone feels about the mobile roadmap/direction.


The theme of the roadmap is: Canvas is big. Screens are small. People are different.


Their strategy is through making role-based apps.


Here are few items to consider:

  • Student app: Updates starting later this year. This will include refactoring of some features and the addition of some 1:1 features.
  • Teacher app: This app will include features specific to teachers that might be missing in the current student app. This could include the integration of SpeedGrader.
  • Parent app: Recently released, and allows for parents to track a few items from multiple children regardless of school.
  • SpeedGrader App: Better support for annotations on tablets.
  • Polls: No updates expected.
  • MagicMarker: Bug updates.
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  • It's great! I can't wait!
  • I like it, but wish there was more focus on _____. (Add in the comments)
  • I'd like to see a different direction with the mobile apps.
  • I don't know enough or the roadmap is still unclear to me.