Required Canvas elements for F2F classes

Poll created by Eric Werth Champion on Dec 13, 2017

Hello everyone,


I am working on recommendations for minimum Canvas use for face-to-face classes. We are in the process of implementing an early alert system.  The system we selected is capable of reading data from Canvas, but this requires some consistency in how Canvas is utilized.  Our thought is that there are also some basic Canvas elements that will help students be more successful if used by everyone.


I read a previous post, Does your college or university have a minimum usage policy? , which had some great information. I was hoping to get a better sense of how prevalent certain requirements are for faculty teaching classes on campus, namely 1) if a syllabus must be posted in Canvas, 2) if a gradebook must be kept in the Grades tab, and 3) if attendance must be kept using Roll Call in Canvas.


If you have time I would appreciate you input.  Being at a university, I am not looking at K12 practices at this point as they may vary, particularly in relation to required attendance. 


Any additional insight would be great, such as if these are strongly suggested but not required, required by some departments but not others, etc. I know that there are many factors that can influence these answers and if there was a way it would have been interesting to see if type of institution makes a difference (private, public, community/technical college, etc.).  


Thanks in advance!

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  • Neither syllabus, grades, nor attendance is required.
  • All three: syllabus, grades, and attendance is required
  • Only posting a syllabus in Canvas is required
  • Only keeping grades in Canvas is required
  • Only tracking attendance with Roll Call is required
  • Posting a syllabus and keeping grades is required (attendance is not)
  • Posting a syllabus and keeping attendance in Canvas is required (grades is not)
  • Keeping grades and attendance in Canvas is required (syllabus is not)