Follow Up: How often would you like the APAC meetups to run?

Poll created by Stuart Ryan Champion on Jan 23, 2018

Hi Everyone,

In the most recent APAC catch-up we ran a poll, while it appeared that continuing with the 3 weekly schedule was the winner with 9 votes, I realise that not everyone was there. 


Hence, I am opening this out to everyone in APAC. I would love your thoughts, and this will help guide how often we run the events.


Some additional feedback that I will definitely look to incorporate was that people would love to see targeted sessions. Keep an eye out for a discussion on that front as well!


Part of what we will try to work into this is having the 3-weekly chats more around the release notes, with targeted sessions outside this for anything the community would specifically love to see, chat about, or brainstorm.


As always, please feel free to throw your ideas at us!


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  • 3 Weekly - Keep it as it is (in the week after a release)
  • 3 Weekly - Move it to the week before releases to discuss Beta Release Notes
  • 6 Weekly - Every 2 cycles
  • Every 2 months
  • Other (please leave a comment)