Will online education ever shed this image?

Poll created by Wasi Khan on Mar 12, 2018

I was watching TV show trailers on YouTube (don't ask me how I got there), and this one caught my eye. A girl mentions she can go to school online, and then her mother makes some derogatory comments about online education being for the militia, Wiccan priestesses and cyberstalking actors. 


I was just wondering what the community would think of this: will online education ever shed this image?


If you can explain why you answered yes/no that would be super-insightful. Thanks!


Here's the trailer for your viewing pleasure. 




Edit note: The description was edited to fix the mirroring issue as mentioned by self-proclaimed "party pooper" David Lyons.  The question "Do you think this is an image which will be stuck to online education forever?" was changed to "will online education ever shed this image?". At the time the edit was made the tally was 6 yays and 8 nays. Thanks David!

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