Faculty Perception of Student Smart Phone Ownership in Higher Ed

Poll created by Matthew Moore on Oct 4, 2018

I currently have data from two university programs about Mobile Device Usage on their campuses.  The research comes from the  University of Central Florida Mobile Strategy and Innovation project and the Ecampus at Oregon State Univerisity.  I am finding too that our campus @ Ventura College (a California Community College) has similar statistics. 


Additionally, I am finding that faculty perception of device ownership differs from the actual percentage of ownership by students.  Consequently, I am wondering "What do you think the percentage of ownership of Smartphones is in your classroom?"


The Pew Research Center also has statistics on this type of ownership. 

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  • Greater than 99.5% of Students Own a SmartPhone (Almost 100 percent)
  • Greater than 95% of Students Own a SmartPhone but less than 99.5%
  • Greater than 90% of Students Own a SmartPhone but less than 95%
  • Less than 90% of students in my class own a SmartPhone