It's Time to Kondo | Blogging Challenge Finalists!

Poll created by Kristin Lundstrum Champion on Jun 1, 2019

The submissions for the It's Time to Kondo | May 2019 Blogging Challenge are in! So, Canvas  Community, it's time to choose a winner. 


 Every person who participated will earn 250 points and the limited-edition "keep what brings you joy" journaling badge.


The 4 posts that are included in this poll will receive an additional 250 points, for a total of 500 points for their written contributions to the Canvas Community. (Thank you!!) The authors will also receive a vinyl sticker version of the Community Badge. 


Read each of the 4 reflections that were submitted by Community Members! Then, come back and vote for the blog post that really stood out to you! Remember, you can only vote once. 


Winner will be announced on June 24th, 2019.

12 total votes
  • Tobe Baeyens • "Assignments as fundamental building blocks"
  • Tobe Baeyens • "Providing structure with modules"
  • Tina E Busch • "Review, declutter and freshen up your course" (top voted)
  • Nicholas Jones • "Freedom through Focus" (top voted)