• Is InstructureCon more like CanvasCon?

    HI!   I've been reading about InstructureCon and I see that all topics/presentations in the past have been related to ONLY Canvas.  I don't see anything about Instructure's other product, Bridge.  Is t...
    created by Daniel
  • Ride Share on Friday Morning?

    I’m looking for a few folks (up to 4) to share/split the cost of a ride to Denver airport on Friday morning. The bus-shuttle leaves very, very early (5:15 for a 10:45 flight)!
    Cheryl Gray
    created by Cheryl Gray
  • Cost for Guest

    I am registering during the early registration rate period. Can I register a quest at any time after the March 31 deadline for the $395 price or does that price go up after the 31st as well?
    Cathy Joaquim
    created by Cathy Joaquim
  • Is InstructureCon for Open-Source Users?

    Hello,   I'm an instructional systems specialists.   Our university is procuring "open-source" CANVAS LMS, as part of an integrated student information and learning management systems.   Several of us a...
    Matthew Correia
    created by Matthew Correia
  • Outcomes

    Regarding outcomes.. 1. I know how to create them 2. I know How to create them in a group... 3. Questions are...If a course has several outcomes, how then can I bring all of them into the course? Then, what if I w...
    Frantz M Pierre
    created by Frantz M Pierre
  • My wife (not a registrant) will also be in colorado with me... can she come to 6am yoga?

    (Presuming that it is not "full" of folks?)
    Pete Bodary
    created by Pete Bodary
  • Do you have online participation for those who can not go to CO physically?

    Do you have online participation option for those who cannot go to Keystone psychically? Thanks.
    Hong Lin
    created by Hong Lin
  • What is the cost to view the recordings after the conference?

    We have a time conflict and cannot attend the conference.  Which sessions will be recorded and what is the cost to access the recordings?
    created by Julia
  • On Wednesday, will Canvas API Calls Using Google Apps Script be available?

    Will the "Canvas API Calls Using Goolge Apps Script" session be available on Wed?
    Sabine Zabarovska
    created by Sabine Zabarovska
  • registering a family member to participate in the food and fun portion of InstructureCon

    Hi, I want  to register a family member to participate in the food and fun portion of the event. How do I do this?
    created by Freya
  • Conference Sessions

    Hi! I'm attending the conference and wanted to note sessions I wanted to attend, but I can't figure out how to do so.
    Liz Prickett
    created by Liz Prickett
  • How many attendees?

    Hi,   I was wondering how many people attend this conference?   Also, can you provide me with a summary of what Canvas is?   Thanks,   Shannon
    created by Shannon
  • Will any of the sessions be available to attend online?

    Will any of the sessions be available online (streamed online for attendance virtually instead of in-person)?
    Manish Tripathi
    created by Manish Tripathi
  • Is there a printer friendly version of the schedule?

    We would like to print out the full schedule for the conference for planning purposes and would like a printer-friendly version if available. If someone could direct me to that, I would so grateful!   Thank you!
    created by Paulette
  • two individuals attending same pre-conference workshop

    I have two attendees i've registered and wished to attend a pre-conference workshop on the same schedule.  When registering for the workshop, it only allows for quantity one as if only one person is attending....
    Francis Salandanan
    created by Francis Salandanan
  • Registration

    We are in the process of hiring for a position and want this person to attend. Can we put in a name now and change it later? Thanks Caroline
    Caroline Davis
    created by Caroline Davis
  • Will there be a shuttle from Dillon or Silverthorne?

    We've found single lodging at this late date in Dillon/Silverthorne.  Will there happen to be any shuttles or transportation from there?  If not, we will have one vehicle between us, but wanted to investigate.
    created by Anne
  • How do we make sure the shuttle picks us up at the correct location?

    It says pickup and dropoff location as Keystone Condo Registration.  However, I am staying in the River Run area?  Do I need to amend my reservation?
    Sue Husted
    created by Sue Husted
  • breakouts

    When will breakouts be announced?
    created by Billy
  • Housing?

    Is shared condo the only option or are there single hotel rooms?
    created by Diahann