Teacher PD User Group - August 2020 Meeting Recording & Minutes

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New attendee’s introduction
Recap - where are we, group focus, group growth
Today's Focus - Course/Content engagement & common LTI's
Discussion / Show & Tell
Next Session - Topic Prep



Department of Education - VICShaun Goodwin
Catholic Education Office - BathurstVickie Vance
Aoba International Educational SystemsVincent Favard
TAS Department of EducationBobby Pedersen
Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA)Bonnie Hermawan


Welcome and Questions:

  • General discussion around how organisations are going with Canvas development and adoption at present.
  • Looking to extend the network of orgnaisations within the User Group
  • Based on feedback we will hold the User Group meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 1 pm AEST

Today's Focus - Course/Content engagement & Data / Analytics (Intro):

  • Engagement ideas and strategies
  • “Show and Tell” of engagement strategies (via Padlet and Canvas)
  • Introduction to Data / Analytics used in Canvas

Discussion / Show & Tell:

  • Refer to recording and brainstorming found on the Padlet here
  • Challenges
    • How do we get people online and willing / wanting to be in Canvas with competing interests and communication mediums (i.e. facebook groups, whatsapp, linked in etc)
    • Engagement rates - mandated courses vs optional
    • Channeling people to share / discuss on a central medium

Next Session - Topic Prep

  • The question - We can create engaging courses but how do we get people “engaged” to login / sign-up etc? Mandatory courses have an obvious “driver” - compliance. However with courses that can’t be or aren’t mandatory where do they fit and what are the strategies for channeling discussion and focus to the engaging course design you have on Canvas?
  • Analytics
    • What are you using for analytics (New Analytics, Canvas Data, other)
    • What are you measuring?
    • What trends do you see?

Again we would like to take a little “show and tell” approach, if you can come prepared with some sample / dummy data or visuals that you can provide insight to, that would be terrific!

As mentioned before - each of you have valuable ideas to share, fellow members may find the one piece of gold they've been looking for!

Next Catch Up:
September 15th 1:00pm (AEST). Register HERE



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