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Teacher PD User Group - June 2020 Meeting Recording & Minutes

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  • Recap & resource orientation 
  • Survey Results -  Upcoming Agenda's
  • Today's Focus -  Poll
  • Discussion / Show & Tell 
  • Consortia Group -  Commons (demo)
  • Next Session -  Topic Prep


Leadership Institute - WA 
  • Nichola Kerr
  • David Turk
  • Peter Tan
Department of Education - VIC
  • Tamara Carpenter
  • Shaun Goodwin
Department of Education - TAS
  • Kate Spencer
  • Denise Neal
  • Julian Ebeli
Catholic Education - TAS
  • Ruth Batge
  • Jo Canavan


Recap and Resources

  • Organisations represented are on the slide deck from our last user group meeting 
  • PS User Group Community Page   
    • This will be used to link out to the meeting minutes, recordings to the sessions and any useful resources that we discuss during the meeting will also be posted.  

Survey Results:

Last month after the user group we sent out a survey and the items below were things that you wanted to discuss:

  • Course Templates / Best practices
  • Course / Content engagement ideas
  • User Participation and completions (analytics)
  • Ways to support facilitators
  • Valuable LTI Tools 
  • Course Structure and scaffolds
  • Compliance course delivery

Additional items that you would also like to add are: 

  • Support for blended learning approaches in professional learning  -  especially after COVID
  • Modular Learning 
    • Push away from Whole Day Teacher PD to more short sharp and more often PD sessions 
      • Being able to learn remotely Learning 
      • The notion of blended learning shifting towards asynchronous and synchronous 
      • With teacher being time poor this is the future going forward
  • Building the community after PD delivery -  supporting and building the network 

Today's Focus -  Poll

  • The group voted on discussing - Course templates / "Best Practice" for the user group discussion 

Discussion / Show & Tell - 

Catholic Education Office - Tasmania -  Marion Weeks
  • Currently in the middle of the journey of creating Course Templates
  • They have created simple templates that has two pages 
    • Modules Over Page 
      • This is used for every single Module
    • Learning page templates
      • This is used for every single learning page
  • Once the team have developed the pages Marion and Ruth will QA and make improvements where applicable
WA Leadership Institute - David Turk
  • Have been using Canvas for a year but have jumped from 1000 users to 52000~ users
    • Due to this jump in size, they need to make sure the structures implemented are scalable. 
  • Based on the template of the department intranet for familiarity 
    • The sizing of the boxes was based on the growth with Canvas course
    • Added some JS to tile to be locked until a certain date
  • Something that David is working on is a Collab box to chunk up the content
    • This creates consistency
  • The "why" is so that the end-users can easily build content without having to touch the code while also creating a consistent and accessible experience for the learner
  • Barriers 
    • Frustrations around people being able to edit tiles in HTML

TAS TAFE - Jo Canavan

  • Dual approach 
    • E-learning team does the production and develop the courses
    • Educator capability -  interface with the teachers and work with the IT people and the Teachers
  • They use Templates, Blueprints 
  • They also enrol users into Sandboxes and a Canvas self-paced course 

VIC - DOE -  Shaun Goodwin / Tamara Carpenter

  • They use the Website standard to build their courses
    • They are looking at software solutions for templates
  • Tamara's division is currently testing out Loree -  Crystal Delta
  • Their approach has been very similar to the Catholic Education Office - Tasmania 


Showed how Commons could be used using Consortiums

  • Issues with TAS as it is used across the department and wouldn't be suitable.  

Next Session -  Topic Prep

  • Course / Content engagement ideas


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