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Visualise Your Learning Pathways With BADGR

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Visualise Your Learning Pathways With BADGR

With over 15 million Open Badges having been awarded to students in K12 schools, RTOs, Universities as well as the corporate world, Open Badges are more than just a uniform badge.

Canvas integrates with a number of badge issuing tools. In this 30 minute webinar, Greg Faller (Canvas Solutions Engineer) will look at how Open Badges issued through our selected native free badging solution, Badgr, can:

  • Be leveraged with your staff and students to increase engagement,
  • Provide students with a unique way of showcasing and online representations of skills and achievements on their public profile and;
  • Introduce gamification to your courses.

We’ll also look at additional tools offered as part of Badgr suite to help visualise students how far through the learning pathway they are.

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"The education landscape is changing quickly, and it's more important than ever that students can show the skills and abilities they've mastered,"

Wayne Skipper, founder and CEO of Concentric Sky (Owners of Badgr)