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Webinar Recordings - Priority Services APAC

Webinar Recordings - Priority Services APAC

Welcome to the APAC Customer Success Webinar Recordings.


Recordings - 2020

  • How to structure sound K-6 learning + best practices - K6 Webinar (Session 2) - June 2020

    This 60-minute discussion-based webinar will focus on K-6 best practices including:

    • Structuring a digital classroom,
    • Navigation and usability for better user experience,
    • The role of parents and how to get them involved,
    • Plus more.


  • Using Canvas to expedite enhanced learning - K6 Webinar (Session 1) - June 2020

    Su Temlet, our resident K-6 Learning Consultant, worked through key concepts and how they can be tailored within your Canvas instance specifically for K6/P6 students. These concepts included:

    • Leveraging off New Quizzes and stimulus functionality
    • Driving deeper engagement with Discussions
    • Using Audio and Video within Canvas to elucidate student ideas

  • How to design a truly blended learning experience - May 2020
    In this webinar, we looked at what it actually means to design a truly blended learning experience. This means, regardless of what happens in the world, your educational offering has agility and flexibility. 

  • Creating a Student-Centered Framework for Delivering Online Learning - May 2020
    In this webinar, OneSchool Global shared their methods of creating a student-centred framework for delivering online learning.

  • Transitioning to effective online teaching and learning - May 2020

    We’ve challenged the status quo on what is possible in the digital learning environment since the COVID19 pandemic. But investing in an LMS should not be purely based on a reaction. It should be based on the vision you and your team have for teaching in learning within your school or institution. After all, you are educators first and foremost.

  • Designing digital assessments and exams using Canvas - Apr 2020

    During this webinar, we showcased short term strategies for exams that you can quickly implement. We also discussed longer-term strategies that don’t involve online proctoring and rounded it out with a Q&A discussion with our specials guests. 

  • Implementing Canvas Baseline Standards to allow for Consistent Delivery of Online Learning: K12 - Apr 2020
    Implementing baseline standards when using Canvas is valuable for administrators to ensure consistency for online learning. Consistency is key for students in their learning and helps to prevent cognitive overload. But what if your school is resistant to change? What if some teachers don’t want to engage in these standards? Watch this webinar and find out how.

  • Delivering asynchronous learning using Canvas Studio - Apr 2020 
    We've continued rolling out the hits this week with resident in-house guru Greg Faller, showcasing how Canvas Studio can play an integral learning and analytical component within your institution's instance.

  • Web Conferences not your thing? How about asynchronous learning designs? - Mar 2020
    This webinar explored asynchronous learning design approaches. The goal of the webinar was to showcase a learning experience that is more resilient, sustainable and provides students with the flexibility to learn when it suits them, but is still structured and supportive.

  • 7 Practical Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Classroom - Mar 2020 
    In this webinar, @logan  (Customer Success Manager) will cover 7 practical strategies to get the most out of any live online session - no matter the video conferencing tool you use within Canvas. The strategies will link to Canvas tools and will include free tools and resources you can download and use tomorrow!

  • Transitioning Classes Online - Q&A Panel Discussion - Mar 2020
    This Q&A Panel Discussion was a follow on from the Using Canvas In the Classroom (and online) webinar. Practical and real examples in being prepared for the closure of your institution. 

  • Using Canvas in the Classroom (and online) - Mar 2020

    In this webinar, we focused on how you can integrate Canvas into your teaching space. We examined four widely used metaphors for the physical and online teaching space, Campfire, Watering Hole, Cave, Mountain Top and illustrated how Canvas items can be best utilised in each situation.

  • Contingency planning for online classrooms with Canvas - Mar 2020 
    As part of the ever-changing landscape associated with the global COVID19 pandemic, we sat down with Yarra Valley Grammar's Philip Callil to talk about considerations for preparing your institution for imminent closure.

  • Grow, Adapt & Change - Feb 2020
    Explore embracing change, adaptation, and growth on the path to student success.

Recordings - 2019

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