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Adventurer III

Braille Note and Canvas Accessibility

We have a vision impaired student uses both a laptop with a screen reader (JAWS) and a Braille Note Touch. It came up in a meeting today that he can't access text entry fields in Canvas (short-answer quiz questions, discussion posts) when using the Braille Note. He said he was able to access text entry fields without issue on the laptop and on the Braille Note in other applications/websites. He is using Chrome on that device, and the support team is going to install Firefox and see if that resolves the issue. Right now, our solution is to have him use the laptop for Canvas, but we have 3 rising high schoolers who will just be using Braille Notes next year. Does anyone have experience with this device and Canvas? I have zero familiarity with it and am hoping there's a setting or alternate way to enter edit mode while a student is in Canvas.

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Learner II

I don't have experience with a BrailleNote specifically, but a couple of follow up questions or things to try: 

  1. If it works on some form fields but not others, there may be an accessibility problem (e.g. a missing form field) with some form fields in Canvas - have you already reached out to Canvas support some some examples? 
  2. You can probably contact HumanWare for tech support on whether there is a forms mode: Humanware Support.