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Canvas, LaTeX and MathJAX

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We are servicing complaints from a number of departments about the inaccessibility of any LaTeX equations entered into the Canvas HTML page editor (and similar). The LaTeX is rendered as an inaccessible image. These departments are refusing to use Canvas because of this.


I wondered if anybody else has similar issues and, if so, would they join me in lobbying Instructure to add MathJax to Canvas so the LaTeX output would be accessible?



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The Feburary 2021 release notes had a note added that they were working on it. It seems that the problem is with formulas in classic quizzes. When they have it working, they will re-enable it for everyone. For the interim, they have thrown it behind a feature flag that a Canvas Admin could enable. 

I'm not sure if the problem is with the conversion of existing images into MathJax or if the problem is that it doesn't display inline LaTeX within quizzes. The documentation didn't go into detail.

Since I never created quizzes that used the inline LaTeX and no one else at our institution knew this was even a thing (when I asked last year if anyone wanted added to a subaccount where I enabled MathJax, no one was interested) , I could enabled that and I would be the only person affected. I switched all my classes back to my implementation of MathJax (which checked to see if Canvas' version was already loaded before running) so I'm okay, but it's tempting to turn it on. I think not knowing the exact problem is what is keeping me from doing that.

Hi @James . Yep - unfortunately they had to pull the update as it broke the feature you mentioned. I'm waiting to see what happens too. It was turned on briefly on production. If you want to see how it works you can always look at the demo site.