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Caption Problem with New Rich Content Editor

When we try to upload a video file directly to a Canvas content page and add captions to it, the window disappears. We've tried from a few different computers (PC, Mac) and browsers. The problem relates to .srt files and .vtt files. Here's an example:

For the time being, we are uploading videos to YouTube, applying captions, and them embedding those videos within Canvas pages as our workaround. 

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I've been having the same problem (when uploading videos directly to Canvas on a page and adding an .srt file), but not consistently. Two weeks ago, no problem. Last week, I had problems when adding about half of my videos. I walked away and tried later, and there was no problem. Today, it is happening consistently (using Chrome and Firefox).

Here's what happens:

I go to "upload media," select the video file, and I select "add captions." I can select English from the dropdown menu, but when I add the .srt file, the whole upload window disappears. OR, I can start by uploading the .srt, but when I select English from the dropdown menu, the upload window disappears. And, if I only add the .srt but do not select English, the video uploads, but without captions.



Hi, Tianna. Our caption issue remains unresolved. A colleague of mine at another institution in California is reporting the same behavior. So, this problem does not seem to be specific to one particular instance of Canvas. It's concerning that the new Rich Content Editor could be released with such a major problem. 

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It looks to me like they may have changed the caption font to be san serif at least.


Update: we are now able to add caption files while uploading a video file directly into Canvas. However, the captions are placed at the top of the video, obscuring content. The captions should be placed towards the bottom. Multimedia developers often include "negative space" - that is, a space devoid of important content for captions to appear. We still cannot add captions to a video that's already uplodaded into Canvas. One would need to remove the video, then upload it again, and add the caption file during the upload process.

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I may have spoken too soon. Looks like Safari still has serif font captions.