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Community Coach

Checking Captions for Arc-Enabled Content with UDOIT


We recently purchased Arc, and I embedded an Arc video into a Content Page in my "sandbox" course.  (The video was something I had uploaded to my Arc library and then uploaded a SRT file to that included the captions.)  I then scanned the course with UDOIT, and it did not find any issues with the page in question.  So, then I tried removing the captions from the Arc video and then re-ran UDOIT.  I got the same issues with the page...and no errors/suggestions from UDOIT letting me know I didn't have captions in the video.

Are there are any plans to somehow check for captions in Arc-enabled videos?

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Learner II

That's a great question‌!  We don't have Arc enabled at our institution, which is why it's not checked for at the moment.  I'll talk to our CSM to see if there's some kind Arc developers instance that we can develop and test against.

Thanks tr_jbates‌!  I also tested this with a YouTube video I had brought into Arc that only had auto-generated captions, and UDOIT did not detect anything wrong with the page that the Arc-embedded content was on...nor did it give me any error or suggestions...similar to my first example.