Entering alt-text once on image upload

Community Participant

I use several images repeatedly in my modules. Each time I use an image, I need to replace the default alt-text of the file name with a meaningful name. Over and over, I am re-typing the same alt-text for a given image.

From an accessibility perspective, is there any reason why we would want to be forced to do this? 

Because, if not, I am considering posting a feature idea where you could associate alt-text with an image in the file manager area. And then that alt-text would stay with the image when you use it on a page. I think it would make sense to continue to allow the alt-text to be edited on a use by use basis, but the default behavior would be that we could enter alt-text for an image once, when we upload it, and then that is the default alt-text for the image whenever is it used.

I've got a lot to learn about accessibility so please educate me if this would not be a good practice.