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Entering alt-text once on image upload

I use several images repeatedly in my modules. Each time I use an image, I need to replace the default alt-text of the file name with a meaningful name. Over and over, I am re-typing the same alt-text for a given image.

From an accessibility perspective, is there any reason why we would want to be forced to do this? 

Because, if not, I am considering posting a feature idea where you could associate alt-text with an image in the file manager area. And then that alt-text would stay with the image when you use it on a page. I think it would make sense to continue to allow the alt-text to be edited on a use by use basis, but the default behavior would be that we could enter alt-text for an image once, when we upload it, and then that is the default alt-text for the image whenever is it used.

I've got a lot to learn about accessibility so please educate me if this would not be a good practice.

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I like that idea - one and done instead of adding the alt text repeatedly. Who needs more busy work? If you add this feature request let me know and I'll vote it up. 

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Great question  @ethomas48 ‌, I really like this idea. In theory there is a possibility that alt text could be different for an image used in different locations, but I would in the vast majority of cases it is going to be the same. As long as you could edit or override the default alt text I think it would be fine. 

Another idea to implement something like this might be to add the ability to add the alt text to the image in the files section that would then be applied when the image was used in a page. +1 for the idea! 

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OK, I finally had a minute to write up this idea: 

Please vote it up - thanks!