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HELP!! - Math and Jaws

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Do any of your students use Jaws to read math equations produced by the Canvas math equation editor?  I cannot get it to read the equations (e.g., quadratic formula) properly.  HELP!!!

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My screen reader says, "five exclaim" no matter how I put 5! on the page. And that is true in Canvas and in our other content management system that supports math code. I tried MathMl there and text and LaTeX in Canvas via the math editor. I think that's because the exclamation point is set in JAWS settings to read as "exclaim" and JAWS can't read it differently just because it's next to a number. You can change the settings so that JAWS says "factorial" when it comes to a !, but then it would read them all that way even when they are not used in a math context. I would love to know if someone else has a solution for this.