Is file preview accessible?

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Is the file preview accessible? By file preview, I mean when you are in Modules, Add: File: and then you upload a file such as a PDF, then you select it from the Modules page to view (see image below). [If this is known as something else, please let me know the correct term--I couldn't find anything in the Guides about this under the works file preview either, only talked about uploading/viewing files to the files area, not through modules.)


By accessible, I'm talking about the use of screen readers (JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver). I tried JAWS, and managed to get into the frame only by going to full screen mode, but I'm not an expert (barely a novice!) user of it. I couldn't enter the frame is this regular view, so I couldn't get JAWS to read it.

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Hi, I've tested the preview view in Canvas with JAWS in the past and I was able to read PDFs and Word documents. However, the preview view can distort certain files types, like Excel, making it difficult to read for screen reader users.

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