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JAWS and assignment upload problem

Accessibility and assignment upload with JAWS

We have had a problem this week with a JAWS user who was not able to upload a file for an assignment. Can anyone advise how this can be done? I replicated the problem myself and just couldn't get into the block on page that would have taken me to browse and upload. I have added an image below. It is the Choose File button that I cannot access. I have tried to get it to list links on the page and to move between other areas and it just can't find it. 


Thanks for any advice. 

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I've seen where the due date has passed, or the until date is set to the due date and has also passed, or the assignment is unpublished and/or the module containing the assignment is unpublished has being causes of no 'Submit Assignment' button.  Suggest the instructor go back and recheck the assignment setup in the edit screen.

Jon Stocker - Faculty Canvas Trainer, Merced College

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I'm the learning technologist for the faculty. I checked all those things and I also replicated it in my own area. I've added an image above to show the area I cannot access with JAWS. 

Thanks for your suggestions. 


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Well now, with your latest explanation and illustration it does appear as if Canvas has gone wonky in your situation.  I would follow up with Instructure tech support for a resolution.


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I am a JAWS user who has taken over 30 courses in Canvas.

I cannot see your image but I can post some tips on how to get JAWS or any screen reader to work with uploading assignments.

First, anywhere on a website where you can drag and drop a file, doing so with a screen reader is easy.

Using Windows explorer, what they now call File explorer, find your file. Press Control-C to copy it or right-click or press the applications key and select Copy from the context menu which appears.

You've now pasted a link to that file on to the Windows clipboard.

Next in the site go to where it says upload or drag and drop and press Enter. You might also need to tab around to locate a Browse button. Canvas in some of these situations, depending on how the assignment was set up also has a tabbed dialog where you can choose whether to upload from your computer, your google drive or some other place. You have to find the right button and press space on it.

But eventually, you'll get a File open dialog box -- a standard Windows File open box. In the edit box for the filename, you simply press Control-V and your filename is pasted right there.

Next, you go to open and press Enter or Space. Then you tab over to submit. 

Where it is confusing is the part when you are ready to upload the file. Typically a tabbed dialog is navigated with control-tab. But on the web you cannot do that. You have to tab around until you find the tab in the tabbed dialog, press arrow to move between tabs and enter to activate that tab. So if the tabs are to upload from your computer, google drive, or submit text, you have to be sure the correct tab in the tabbed dialog is active. 

If everyone who had to help a screen reader user would simply put their mouse in a drawer and practice doing these things with the keyboard first, they'd be much better equipped to assist. I find all this much easier to do with Chrome rather than other browsers.

 You should also be aware that JAWS has several modes. To simplify, one is for reading and one is for interacting with a web control, like the rich content editor. If the student is in the wrong mode, doesn't know how to activate the right mode or turn the wrong mode off, unexpected results occur.


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