Community Champion

Multiple Canvas Accessibility Spaces

Hello everyone - 

Many of you may know already, but there are currently two significant areas where individuals can discuss Canvas accessibility issues. 

This Accessibility Group is obviously one of them. The other one is a Canvas/ATHEN course that is hosted by Access Technology Higher Education Network (ATHEN) and was setup by Instructure to host conversations. You can join the latter group by contacting  @tft . His contact information can be found here

Currently there is a discussion happening in the other group to determine of some or all of the discussions in that other group could be moved to this group to consolidate the conversations and our efforts. If you are interested in that conversation, please take a moment to join and chime in. 

One of the discussion points is looking at the Canvas Community platform (Jive) to make sure it is accessible and inclusive to everyone who would like to participate. Until a decision is made, I would recommend anyone who is interested to join the other community to help shape the conversation!