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Quality Matters & Course Design

Good morning!

I have created a Quality Matters group for discussions regarding course design and QM standards. If you're interested, please search for "Quality Matters" in the Groups section and vote for that group. Educause recently published a useful article titled "Student Feedback on Quality Matters Standards for Online Course Design". If you're not familiar with Quality Matters, this article will give you some insights into it's use in academia.

I appreciate your votes!

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Instructure Alumni

 @darrinj ‌, we note that this is a duplicate of Quality Matters & Course Design . Did you know that, rather than creating multiple versions of the same post in different groups, you can create the discussion prompt once and "share" it out to any other group of which you're a member? By doing that, comments from all groups remain unified in a single thread, and this also avoids duplicative parallel threads and conserves Community resources.

So that we can avoid multiple threads, we've locked this discussion, and I've shared the one linked above to this group. If anyone wishes to comment, please direct those comments to this link: Quality Matters & Course Design.

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