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Hi all-

Just wondering if anyone is familiar with Quizzes.Next that will be rolled out by Canvas soon?  I was shown a demo today and the types of quiz questions that are available are impressive, but I'm concerned that students who use screen readers will not be able to access certain question types (i.e. drag and drop items).  


Does anyone have an accessibility information regarding Quizzes.Next, or whether Canvas has addressed accessibility with the new quiz platform?

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Hi  @cmillion435 ‌,

Quizzes.Next works with the same screen reader tools as Canvas. Only the Hot Spot question type is not accessible. All other item/question types are accessible, including those using drag-and-drop. Unfortunately I am not finding a good public guide for this workflow. Essentially a user navigates to the element, selects it, and a menu with appropriate options will be offered. For example, in the Categorization item/question type the category names are listed as menu options and the item can be moved by selecting that menu option.

Quizzes.Next is generally available to all paid Canvas accounts and can be turned on by request to your CSM. Use of Quizzes.Next will not interfere with Canvas Quizzes, and both tools can be enabled at the same time. Quizzes.Next has not yet achieved solution parity, so some features may not be available. Canvas Quizzes end-of-life is not planned until some period of time after solution parity has been achieved.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


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Our accessibility team tested a quiz with JAWS and gave it a 94% rating on accessibility. They said the use of Headings, Links & Form Fields were all good. The only navigation issue they found was that after submission, the tab sequence skipped over reviewing the question and answer, and jumped from feedback to feedback only. They said it was possible to get back to the question through the INS-F6 Headings menu, which is not ideal, and asked if the tab sequence can be changed. But I'm not sure if this is possible. They said it's a minor issue because students can use the down arrow key to navigate instead, and this works as expected. (Disclaimer: this quiz was multiple choice only with videos as general feedback.)