Release notes for issues that impact accessibility - screen readers

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Hi all,

Is the Fixed Bugs section of the Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-07-18) the most direct way to find out about changes that impact accessibility issues?

I'm working with a visually impaired faculty member who was just totally blocked by a recent change to the labels for navigation items in a course. He was unable to post announcements or get to discussions when accessing his courses using JAWS. In sitting with him for awhile this morning, we realized that it was because the labels have been changed from "Announcements" to "Course Announcements" so instead of clicking "A" to get to announcements, he now has to click "C" and toggle through the options until arriving at "Course Announcements." It's also the same thing for Discussions, so the label is now "Course Discussions" instead of "Discussions."

I'm wondering where I missed this update/change. Has anyone else figured out a way to keep up with changes that impact access?