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Screen Readers Reading Quizzes.Next Reorder Question Results

Hi all,

I recently evaluated Canvas's new quizzing interface and the results of the Reorder Question type seemed like they would be confusing to screen reader users. 

If I set up the question where the correct answer is:



The Question

And the student responds with egg and chicken switched, the results page would read as follows:

“Incorrect” “Egg” “Correct” “Chicken” “Incorrect” ”Chicken” “Correct” “Egg” "Correct" "The Question"


I want to encourage Instructure to provide a better results setup. The following is my initial suggestion that should be fairly easy to implement with the current visual representation, but I'm not sure that it is the best suggestion.

“Answer position 1” “Egg” “Incorrect” “Chicken” “Correct Response” “Answer position 2” “Chicken” “Incorrect” “Egg” “Correct Response” "Answer position 3" "Correct" "The Question"

Do you have a better suggestion or is this pretty good?

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