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Speech-to-text Software

Hi Everybody - Does anyone have any tips about using speech-to-text software with Canvas?

There are a few posts about "text-to-speech" software and Canvas, but I'm trying to go the other direction: from speech to text. We have at least one student trying to use one of the Dragon speech-to-text programs and having trouble getting it to work.

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I see you haven't gotten any answers... I saw mention in another post where somebody wanted a speech-to-text option in Canvas that most people prefer to use third party such as Dragon. Hope somebody who's done it can help out!

        The place I go for "in the trenches" questions, if you don't already know about it, is Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology <QIAT@LSV.UKY.EDU> .(QIAT - Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology - QIAT List   )   They have searchable archives and it's a lively group.  

@Susan: Thanks for your response! When I got in touch with Canvas Support, they recommended Dragon 14. Perhaps older versions don't work as well. I'll check in over at QIAT and see if they can help.