Student Media Accessibility

Community Novice

Hello Canvas Community,

Our organization has just moved to Canvas, yeah! I work with a team of instructional designers developing online courses in higher ed. I'm inquiring into accessibility requirements, ideas, and approaches for managing faculty and student media.


With the native media tools in Canvas, there will no doubt be many more assignments involving student videos, video-based discussions where students must review other students’ videos, and faculty lectures, instructions, and responses to students sent via video.


While Canvas is well designed for accessibility, using media tools and recording videos can still be difficult for some users, particularly for those using screen readers. I'm developing resources and training to encourage our team and faculty to embrace accessibility. I just need to clarify the legal requirements and would like to learn more about how other institutions are addressing accessibility issues related to student media assignments.


Since we’re designing courses now, I need answers fast! I would appreciate any guidance that you can offer. I would appreciate any guidance that the group can offer!


Lynn Kelly

Bridgepoint Education