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UDOIT failed to scan this course.

How can we resolve this issue receiving " UDOIT failed to scan this course." We took the extreme step of replacing the entire server OS and all to try to resolve this with a fresh install and this error repeats.


This does not happen consistently across all courses in canvas. Some run UDoIt successful other's get the error. But it does seam courses that get this error consistently receive this error.

After receiving this error the reports actually do exist in the view old reports tab.

We have had the same developer key since we installed UDoIt in 2017 and it worked for over 2 years before suddenly stopping. Enforce scopes is not turned on for this developer's keys.

Scott Leturno

Moraine Valley Community College

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @leturno ...

I'm sorry to see that your question has been sitting here unanswered for so long without a response and/or a solution.  Have you been able to get this issue with UDOIT resolved...possibly by means of an update to UDOIT?  I am going to tag @tr_jbates in my reply in hopes that he might be able to help provide some troubleshooting for you.  Good luck!

Community Champion

I apologize for not seeing your question before!

Before I can start to troubleshoot this, I will need a little information:

  1. What version of UDOIT are you using?  I recommend upgrading to the latest version (2.7.0)
  2. When you see the error appear, are there any corresponding messages in the "config/log.log" file?
  3. Are there any courses where this is happening consistently?
  4. When this error occurs, does it happen immediately, or does it take some time to appear?