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What are the learning online accessibility issues you have on your campus?

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What are the biggest accessibility issues your users (teachers and students) encounter while teaching and learning online using Canvas?

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We have similar challenges...supporting the efforts for accessibility and highlighting it's importance. Similar to how a special education introductory course was a required course for my credential for a traditional classroom...what's the equivalent for an online/blended/hybrid classroom: accessibility with a mix of compassion. Yes- we'll bang our heads against the wall as we strive to make these efforts a reality, but I will continue to do so because of what it could do for those students. Most of the single A accommodations on the WCAG 2.0 are small and easy steps. I would even say they are easier than understanding/ reading an IEP document. It's about sharing our knowledge and supporting teachers to help them see the benefits for all of their students- not just the ones with learning differences. I love that the eCertificate training dreesd​ mentioned includes accessibility training. Thank you for sharing your best practices with us.

Our curriculum department is slowly making a move to create more accessible courses. Why do we have to wait for the state or government to mandate these recommendations? We're making this move because it's the right thing to do for our students.