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adding alt text to images in question banks

When a course is developed or revised at our institution, someone in my department downloads the question banks from the publisher and then our student workers process the banks and import them into Canvas. Therefore, I'm not knowledgeable about Respondus, TestGen, ExamView, etc. (don't judge me Smiley Wink).

What's the most efficient way to add alt text to images in question banks? Do images from publishers sometimes already have alt text included?

I've been adding alt text to images in question banks after the banks are imported into Canvas. If anyone has a better workflow, I'm all ears. Thank you! 

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You may be stuck.  An image in its native format [jpg, png & so on] obviously is not html, and an alt text tag is an html attribute to an image embedded in a web page.  If you were to create a spreadsheet with the image in one field and the alt text in an adjoining field, once you have all the images set up in the spreadsheet you could copy and paste the alt text in the attribute section of the Insert/Edit Image function of Canvas. This perhaps could speed up your workflow.