Faculty Engagement Statistics w/ 3rd Party Integration

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Will additional features provide the ability to verify faculty engagement with students to meet regular and substantive interaction requirements established by the updated Fed rule? Specifically, it would be really useful to be able to show that faculty are engaging with students in regular and substantive ways such as rubric feedback, gradebook commentary, posting within a discussion forum (or moderating it via asking following up questions)? Current instructor engagement reports do not accurately reflect the great work most faculty are doing because they simply record whether or not something was input in a gradebook comment (no measure for quality of response, etc.) and they do not account for interactions in third-party software that are fully integrated into Canvas via LTI. The data exists in the system, but we are unable to easily view it or provide snapshots to auditors. This would also help faculty during their evaluation process because they have data supporting their efforts that is easily visible from an admin dashboard.