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Adding or removing Navigation items for particular courses?

Hi, Canvas admin family! We've got an LTI installed at the Root level and disabled by default, and we'd like to bulk-add it to the navigation menu of all of our upcoming Summer courses.  Those courses are all in one term, but are scattered across multiple subaccounts.  I can use the borrowed code below within the Chrome console to enable the LTI by default in every course, but I'd love to be more selective for starters.  Is there a similar chunk of code or a Javascript or such that would help me do this?

(A couple of years ago there was some similar conversation via How can I add an External App to a list of 61 Canvas Courses? but I'm not sure right now is a "teachable moment" time for me to learn Ruby...)

Here's the console code to enable an LTI everywhere; if you've not seen this before in these forums somewhere, it's a great trick and you can use the value of "disabled" instead to turn off those pesky LTIs that come in enabled system-wide...

// enable a tool in course navigation
var accountid='1'; // replace with your account
var toolid='1465'; // replace with the tool ID in the account->settings->apps listing
var url='https://[our instance]' + accountid + '/external_tools/' + toolid;
   url: url,
   type: 'PUT',
   data: 'course_navigation[default]=enabled',
   success: function(data) {
       alert('Tool was enabled by default in course navigation.');

I thought I could get away with enabling it system-wide and then disabling it in particular subaccounts (so we could at least keep it out of the areas/schools where this particular tool is obviously irrelevant) but changing the accountid causes it to fail, I assume because the tool isn't actually installed in that subaccount so it can find no setting to disable.

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