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BBB on-premise installation issues - error 1004

Hi Canvas Community!

We are in the process of installing BigBlueButton (BBB) as an on-premise, self-hosting solution and integrating it into Canvas.

Our server is set up and is working, with users able to navigate to the site and start a BBB session. However, when it is integrated into our Test Canvas instance, it starts throwing an error:

Failure on call (reason=Not Found) (error 1004) links to these causes and solutions:

It is odd that it works as a stand-alone, but starts being awkward when the Canvas Test instance gets involved.

We have tried most of suggested fixes and are running out of ideas! If anyone in the community has set up their own BBB and has some insight, it would be sincerely appreciated.



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @michael_egan...

I am not sure of an answer for you, but I would like to bring @ffdixon into this conversation in hopes that he will be able to help answer your question. Good luck to you!

Thanks very much - fingers crossed they will have some further ideas! 🙂