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Banner to Canvas Update Error

Yesterday, beginning late afternoon, the Canvas import “disappeared” our courses with invalid sub-accounts rather than attaching them to the root account.

This is an example of the error message from the course import (below) .  We had 221 courses get “disappeared” yesterday, and they all had an error message like this one.

Account not found "AC" for course AC223A202050

Did anyone else experience this issue?

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Surveyor II

This happened to us as well!  We started getting these errors on 8/13 for courses where the sub-account didn't exist yet, even though we have a process that creates them in these cases, and (as far as we knew) the courses were supposed to be created at the root account level when that didn't happen.  We 'fixed' this by modifying our import process to ensure the sub-accounts are created before the import is attempted, but we are wondering if this is the result of a change at Instructure.  Have you received any information about this from support?

-David Rios
Oregon State University

Surveyor II

Just in case you are still curious about this, here's the explanation we got from our CSM:

"...this is due to the bug fix that went out on 8/12. This change was made to prevent people from importing courses into invalid sub-accounts. If the goal is to drop these courses into the account level, you can leave the Account_ID field blank. If there is an invalid account ID in this field those courses will no longer be imported."

Have a great day!