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Baseline Canvas Requirements for faculty

Hello everyone, 

Has anyone established minimum Canvas requirements for all faculty at your institution? Our academic administration has identified the following as baseline:


  • Post a copy of the course syllabus 
  • Program all assignments into the course calendar
  • Post course materials broken up by week
  • Post PowerPoint slides from class, if applicable
  • Post all grades in a timely manner and with appropriate weighting



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Community Coach
Community Coach, our bare minimum for traditional/face-to-face courses is as follows:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Gradebook set up correctly (points vs. percentage, etc)
  • All assignments listed (preferably with due dates, or add due date when possible)
  • Post grades in a timely manner


Thanks for your response. How do you check if the course meets the minimum requirements? 



We have an institutional Minimum Standard Use of Canvas that is: 

  • Course Guide and Syllabus
  • Attendance taken every class meeting for F2F and Hybrid
  • Gradebook setup and up to date
  • All content is accessible
  • Course is published

Canvas at the minimum standard is required for all courses at the institution: online, F2F, and hybrid. These standards were determined by a team of faculty and academic administration. Online Services pulls a random sample of 15 courses for each of our six schools in at the end of the second week of the semester and sends it to the VP for Learning. She tasks the deans of each school to check the courses and report back to her.



Hi Karen (and all folks who are commenting here),

 I work for one of the California State University campuses (Humboldt) and as more of our campuses move to Canvas, we are seeing challenges around these very issues.  Currently, our campus just passed an addendum to our Syllabus policy that says every course must minimally post an accessible syllabus in Canvas (even if they are using Canvas for anything else.  I also facilitate a Canvas Common Interest Group (CIG) for the CSU and California Community College Systems.  It would be really valuable to have this discussion in one of our monthly Zoom-Shares. Bring ideas and discuss the benefits and challenges to these policies/requirements.  Anyone interested? 

Please join our CIG by going to and search for “CSU and CCC Canvas Common Interest Group”.  Would be great to pull in all these campuses on this discussion right in the Community.

Thanks! Kim

Community Coach
Community Coach, this is actually our first semester mandating it even though we've been using Canvas for almost 6 years. Before faculty can actually have a real course in Canvas they have to create their course - with a minimum of the above criteria - in a sandbox course and get it approved by me. Once that's done then we allow them to use Canvas for their real courses. Moving forward I'm working with our Internet Systems Specialist to see what information he can pull from Canvas Data or the API that would allow us to know for sure that grades are being entered, etc...



Thanks! I've asked to join the group!

If anyone else is interested, here is the direct link - 


I've asked to join as well!



You might find the Course Evaluation Checklist to be of use. I especially like the fact that it includes more than just administrative stuff, and highlights the importance of building S-S and S-T interactions instead of just stacks of content.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Looks like I’ll have a report with the course, Instructor, and grading activity that I’ll be able to use to help check that grades are being entered.