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Best way to set up outcomes / rubrics for UK curriculum?


I'm in the process of adding outcomes and rubrics at account level but want to make sure I add them correctly in terms of mapping correctly to the curriculum.

For example, the unit I'm currently adding is worth 4 points, but it has 5 outcome categories with 11 outcomes in total. Is it best to add a top level category (e.g. unit 1 Health & Safety) a sub level category (e.g. 2. Know about PPE) and then the individual outcomes below that (e.g. 2.1 Select and use correct Personal Protective Equipment)?

If this is the best way my next question is how to go about setting the points for each outcome. I was thinking setting each on to 1 point (either meets expectations or not). My problem is this is then 11 points. Would I then set an assignment worth the actual points (4), align all of the relevant outcomes to the assignment and only award the 4 points once all of the outcomes have mastery?

I have set up a few like this and it seems like it would work, however I would love the insights or feedback from anyone who is currently using outcomes and how they use them.

This is in a UK school btw - my example wasn't the best as the course I'm working on is for Motor Vehicle Studies.

Many thanks!

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