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Calibration via Analytics

We have 3 English teachers all teaching Othello.  It would be great to be able to bring up in the analytics at least 2 teachers at the same time, to calibrate their teaching.  It would be even better if all 3 could be brought up at the same time.

Is this possible, or planned for future upgrades?

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Community Coach, I would really appreciate this feature, but unfortunately this isn't currently possible on the front end of Canvas. Yet, it's likely that with some programming and the Canvas API (or Canvas data) you could do something like this.  As to if it's planned for future upgrades, this is the Community of all Canvas users (and specifically the Canvas Admin group). That means the majority of the people in this group are Canvas Admin's for their school and wouldn't have specific road map information about Canvas. My recommendation is to check out the Canvas Studio‌ area of the Community and also talk with your Canvas CSM (who would be a great person to share your ideas with and to check to see if it's on the Canvas road map at all).


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Community Coach


There is a new Analytics feature that should be available tomorrow (October 29th) which might do some of what you are asking if you have a course with Cross-listed sections.  I've played around with it a little in beta and you are able to select multiple sections to data points of assignment grades in a different color for each section.  It's still beta and a work in progress so perhaps we'll get more of what you are looking for in the future.  

Canvas Release: Analytics Beta (Course Grade) 

Kona also mentioned pulling data via APIs.  For people like me who don't work much with APIs, you can also do a bit with copy/paste and data.  On the course analytics page there is a button on the top right corner to display the raw data. 

Switching to that view you can get the raw numbers used to make the pretty graphs and copy/paste it directly into Excel.  It will take a little time, but doing so for each teacher you want to look at could provide an easy way to then visualize the data in Excel or even something more powerful such as SPSS.

Hope that helps,