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Can Canvas Admin push/inject a module into a teacher's course so they do not have to import content?

We were wondering if there would be a way to push/inject a complete module into our teacher's courses as an Admin so they do not have to import the content?  We are experimenting with a generic assignment for attendance purposes and would like to add to all courses.  We are trying to save the teachers some work as well.  In addition, all course already have content!  Thanks for any advice/help anyone can provide!  it would be appreciated!  Have a GREAT day!!


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A canvas admin or instructor (depending on your institutions settings) can import specific content into different courses using the course copy option in course settings and following the import process. 

  • In the course where you want the module, go to:
    • Settings
    • Click on "Import Course Content"
      • in "Content Type" select Copy a Canvas course from the dropdown menu
      • Search for the course that contains the module you are looking for
      • Click on the Radio button that reads: Select Specific content
      • Click on Import

From there you are given options to select the module you are looking to import. Click on import...

I hope this helps.



Thank you @jlugo1 !  We know the teachers can import content.  We were wondering if, as the admin, I was able to push/inject the module to all of our courses instead of the teachers having to import/copy the content into their courses.  We are trying to save them some time. 


If you use Blueprints, you can do it with that.

You can also use the API

Thank you @dtod !  Can you use a blueprint course with an existing course?  Also, how could you do it with an API?  I have never worked with the API.  Thanks  again!



1. Yes, you can. I would encourage you to test and validate it though. 

2. It's a bit complicated.

@dtod , how would we test a blueprint course on an existing course with content in it already?  Thanks so much!!



You can always do it in your test or beta instance (if you're an Instructure customer), e.g. or where x is your college identifier.

Off the top of my head:

1. In the blueprint course, associate a dependent course

2. add the module to the blueprint and push it out

I don't get hands-on with blueprints much.


Hi @schachernp 

You might also explore these options.  I believe there is a way to push out the module, but I haven't tried it myself.  There is also a way to create all of your courses from a template, or at least there used to be.  These posts are bit old, but they might point you in the right direction. 

Personally, I think using Blueprint courses for your entire institution could get tricky. 

Pushing a Module Template Out to All Courses each Quarter



@jlugo1 , we have at least 54 courses that we need to push/inject the module we created.  Doing it individually would take too long.  I was looking for a solution to push/inject in a batch type of fashion.  Thanks so much for your response!