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Canvas API & Word Press Integration help needed

We're looking for someone who can help us with a one-off project integrating Canvas APIs & WordPress. If you've got the skills and an interest, contact Mary Kayler for more information on the project, timeline and $$ details. Thanks!

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Community Team​, I wanted to let you know that I've shared your post with the I Heart Pandas​ space.


Thanks Stefanie!

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Here is something we are looking at:  SPV Software Products: LTI Connector for WordPress

This allows each course to have a WordPress blog, and students have the "Author" role, which means they can create Postings & upload media (image files, PDFs, DOCX, etc.)  The Instructor has the WP role of "Administrator" but not "Super Administrator".  Basically that means that an Instructor cannot install their own plugins or themes, but can activate or choose those that the Super Admin has already made available in WP.  *The problem with the Author role was that students could make changes to certain plugin settings... that I didn't want.  I am thinking that changing the student role to WP "Subscriber" would allow a student to view WP content and navigate the WP site but not be able to create Postings or upload Media.  Students could still comment, where allowed.

**I'm currently more interested in taking advantage of WordPress for its themes, ease of page creation and navigation functions than I am for it's blogging capabilities.