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Surveyor II

Canvas Course Evaluations for Students

Has anyone heard about Canvas creating their own Course/Student Evaluations for terms end.  It would be nice to have something integrated into the Canvas program for ease of use.  

On the same note, what are others using?

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Surveyor II

I haven't heard that Canvas was looking at an in-house solution, but we have used EvaluationKit ( for the past several years. I'm the admin for both (canvas and evaluationkit) and there have been some ups and downs with their solution, but the integration with Canvas (for configuring evals and for prompting students, etc.) has worked pretty well. 

Surveyor II


we use Suggesti for this: Works very well and has a good Canvas integration.

Adventurer II

We use EvaluationKit here, and we've been very happy with it overall.  The Canvas integration is excellent, in my opinion.  Evaluation practices do seem to vary wildly from place to place, so I'd definitely recommend looking at the different available tools and finding one that will suit all of your specific needs.