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Canvas SCORM issue after the SCORM maintenance event 8th of October 2020

The link structure of all the SCORM links have changed after this maintenance event and they stopped working. Please HELP!

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Thanks for the level of detail you provided! I think likely this is working for you because you are re-uploading (or uploading new) SCORM files to Canvas. The process that you described is very similar to what I do as well, which has always worked in the past. The issue I think many of us are experiencing though is that this maintenance event messed up SCORM files that were already in courses and were previously reporting to the gradebook just fine. I at least am looking for a solution from Canvas that prevents me from having to re-upload all the SCORM files that are already being used in an active Canvas course. Besides that taking a long time to complete, it messes with everyone's grades who already completed that assignment, forcing me to manually regrade hundreds of submitted assignments.


Happy news - I think. 

I received an answer to my case last Friday and it appears that our scoring is working once again. I'm very happy about it but not quite sure what to make of it. Through my calls with the support team it appeared that the issue is that our packages were returning a score of "unknown" (but a "Completion" of complete - see image). Since the update, this was no longer accepted as enough in Canvas to pass points. But they implemented a fix and now it seems to be working again - both for previously uploaded content and new content (that I tested by uploading several packages today, all passed scores properly). 

However, I got this response:

"Hello, Our engineers have deployed a fix to assist with this issue. They've found that all files that were not working in this seem to have been incorrectly formatted for proper grade passback. While we are unable to fix the formatting for those 3rd party files, or to keep this from happening in the future, we've run a fix to assist with grading for the ones currently exhibiting this behavior. Because the files that are returning an unknown score are still improperly configured to record scores, the fix we ran was to give scores of 100% to indicate completion, but only if 1) there was not already any score data, and 2) the SCORM package was marked as COMPLETED. All past behaviors for properly functioning packages should remain the same. This is a one-time fix, and cannot be done on an ongoing basis. If you were seeing this for a lot of your SCORM files, you may want to work with the 3rd party from which the SCORM content was created, to ensure the files are not only listed as a proper SCORM version, but are formatted correctly for that version. SCORM versions supported in Canvas are SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, and 4th Edition). Please let us know if you have any further questions we can assist with on this issue. Keep learning! Support Panda Notifier of Things"

Not quite sure what to make of it. They say it's a one-time fix but it's functioning properly even for newly uploaded content. Is there anyone who can make sense of it?