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Turnitin is well known for plagiarism and integrates with Canvas when an institution purchases a Trurnitin subscription. Many instructors rely on services for plagiarism education, prevention, and detection. Turnitin is also a valuable tool for grading and peer reviews. Turnitin currently integrates with Canvas in two different ways, but Turnitin is phasing out the older method.

The oldest Turnitin integration with canvas is known as the API integration. Currently, Turnitin is phasing out this older integration, but still offers support to schools who are not having a good experience with the LTI.  

The newer method of using Turnitin is the LTI tool. Turnitin’s page for the LTI tool includes the official Admin, Instructor, and Student Guides

Tutorials from Instructure for using the Turnitin LTI can be found here: , How do I create a Turnitin assignment?, and How do I manage Turnitin assignments?

Canvas has also developed a more robust framework for plagiarism detection services: Spring Cleaning Is Coming: Plagiarism-Detection Improvements Headed Your Way! Turnitin has announced that they will be continuing the LTI plugin while also developing a new plugin using the framework canvas is developing. The target release for the new plugin is Fall 2017. This new plugin promises Turnitin assignment creation within Canvas's interface for those who wish to use Canvas for most operations but would like an originality report from Turnitin. Users who wish to grade in Turnitin or use Peermark will wish to use the LTI version. However, Turnitin says institutions will be able to run both the LTI and the new plugin simultaneously. 

What is "Feedback Studio"?

Feedback studio is the name for an interface overhaul for Turnitin that took place in mid 2016. You can see an interactive tour and demonstration of the interface (Note the ability to use bold, underline, italics and hotlinked text in Grademark comments).  The materials in this blog now refer to feedback Studio, but only Grademark and originality reports have been incorporated into Feedback Studio. Peermark and its interface has not changed at this time.

Does Feedback Studio alter any functionality?

Yes, but the changes only affect the grading functionality of Turnitin.  As of May 23, 2016, the ability to view the complete list of Grademark comments is missing. For students, the implementation of rubrics in Feedback Studio is clunky as I discuss in this video:

Thankfully, Turnitin is listening and refining Feedback Studio. As of early 2017, the ability to search for quick marks while grading has been restored.

As a local Canvas Administrator, how do I configure the Turnitin LTI?

There are multiple sets of instructions with varying levels of detail for local canvas Administrators on the Turnitin website. Here is the best set of instructions, and here is the current configuration of the Turnitin LTI at the account level for my school:


1. Name the configuration.

2. The consumer key is provided to your account by Turnitin.

3. The launch url is provided by Turnitin and is the same for all institutions. The launch url for Turnitin UK Users is

4. Completing the domain field with "" ("" for UK users) enables Turnitin to launch from the Canvas speedgrader report icons.

5. Setting the privacy to public allows Canvas to share student names and emails with Turnitin.

6. Turnitin documentation states that the Custom Fields may be left blank. However, adding the code developed by canvas engineers adds several convenient features that sync information between canvas and Turnitin so that instructors do not need to enter information in both Canvas and Turnitin, including due dates, assignment id's, assignment titles, points possible, and availability dates. The graphic depicts all of the available codes.

Here is a short video demonstrating the syncing features added by the custom code.

Can my institution enable both the API version and the LTI version as we transition to the LTI?

Turnitin has offered varying answers on this question. The latest answer is yes. In an email sent to local Turnitin instructors on 4-11-2016, Turnitin states, "For those who are wondering, it is possible to run the legacy Canvas integration and Canvas LTI integration in parallel during the transition period."

What happens to API enabled assignments when the API version gets shut off?

In an email sent to local Turnitin instructors on 4-11-2016, Turnitin states, "When the previous Canvas integration becomes unavailable, classes and assignments originally created through the previous integration will remain accessible by logging into Turnitin directly. These older classes and assignments will not be visible in the LTI integration."  Although, I believe this access is limited to Turnitin administrators.

On the Canvas side, The API enabled assignments stay in Canvas and all Canvas functionality remains intact when the Turnitin API gets turned off. Submissions and grading in Canvas persists in Canvas once you turn off the API; only the link to Turnitin is lost, which means losing direct access to originality reports and any grading done in Turnitin. Although, with the API turned off and LTI turned on, you can currently see the icons and percent in the speedgrader for past assignments. If you try to click on the icon, you get this error message:


The text "Turnitin has been enabled for this assignment" persists in Canvas assignments when the API has been turned off but the LTI tool has not been turned on for that assignment even if the course is copied for a new term Of course, there is no way of knowing if this will change once Turnitin phases out the API altogether.

An instructor who wants to preserve grading in Turnitin from the API version for personal access, must save the grading as a .pdf one paper at a time before the API gets turned off. Originality reports can be saved one at a time, or reports can be reproduced by resubmitting the file to Turnitin and disregarding the first submission when interpreting the originality report.

When we turned on the LTI, I converted my existing assignments to use the LTI without issue.

Do teachers and students have to sign up for an account at

No one absolutely needs to create a separate Turnitin account. The tool uses the email address in the user's Canvas profile as an identifier, and log in from Canvas is seamless even for first time users. However, the instructor cannot use the Canvas test student for testing the LTI tool because the test student does not include a profile and email address. When I started using the LTI, I had a previous Turnitin account under the same email my Canvas profile uses, so the tool recognized me and put all submissions into my preexisting account.

If an instructor accessed Turnitin for the first time in the LTI and then later had a desire or need to access information in the web interface at, the instructor can go through the forgotten password process at to set up a password and then can begin to use the webinterface. It is probably advisable for an instructor to have access to the interface for using the iPad app, submitting for students at, managing rubrics and saved grading comments, etc.

Does the LTI version of Turnitin have feature X?

Yes! All of the major Turnitin features are present in the LTI version, including originality reports and grading (with reusable comments, rubrics, etc.) through Feedback Studio, e-rater (automated comments), grade anything (PowerPoint Excel, etc.),  peer review (in Peermark), ios app, and cloud submit.

How does an instructor set up an assignment using the LTI tool?

Instructors add Turnitin as an external app to an assignment. This video demonstrates the process (assuming you have enabled the custom codes in your LTI configuration for Turnitin:

When creating an assignment, should I load Turnitin in a new tab?

I prefer to use a new tab, but there are pros and cons to both approaches. Probably the most important thing is to be consistent on your campus to avoid confusing students. Here is a video showing what each option looks like:

Update:  As of June 30, 2016, Instructors must no longer launch a Turnitin assignment to initiate the assignment in Turnitin. The Turnitin release notes state, "Students can now launch into an assignment and trigger its creation; this relieves instructors from being forced to have first interaction with the assignment before students are able to submit." However, the instructor must set an available from date and a due date in Canvas to allow students to initialize an assignment.

How do students submit to a Turnitin LTI assignment?

Go here for a .pdf tutorial on uploading a word processing file to a Turnitin assignment.

How do students complete peer reviews?

Here is a .pdf tutorial on using PeerMark.

I want to set up an assignment sequence of rough draft, peer review, and final draft.

You will need two assignments in Canvas / Turnitin. The first assignment will be for students to submit drafts and critique each other with Peermark. The second assignment will be for the submission of the final draft. This video tutorial demonstrates setting up an assignment and adding a Peer review component with Peermark. Note that only the grade on the paper in Grademark gets passed back to the canvas gradebook, so if you want to grade Peer reviews, you can add reviews into the paper grade (what I do), or you can set up an assignment with no submission and manually enter grades for the peer reviews:

How does the grading work?

An instructor can choose to grade using Turnitin's Grademark or Canvas's Speedgrader.

I do all of my grading in Turnitin's Grademark. I use the Quickmarks (saved comments I can reuse) with a rubric and enter the grade in Turnitin. The grade gets passed to the Gradebook in Canvas. It actually works quite a bit like the Canvas Speedgrader, and you can advance from student to student as well as quickly flip through all of a student's submissions for the term. I prefer Turnitin's Grademark because I can save and reuse remarks (with clickable url's!). Turnitin also can layer the originality report and Grademark, so the instructor can see the originality report while grading. Unlike the older API plugin, Quickmarks, rubrics, and PeerMark libraries persist across Canvas courses, so there is no need for importing or exporting Turnitin assets after the initial use.

As of the August 29, 2015 update, the student submits the paper to Turnitin, and Turnitin sends a copy of the paper to Canvas. The copy of the paper in Canvas may be graded in the Speedgrader, but if you wish to use a Canvas rubric, you must add the rubric to the assignment before configuring the assignment submission as an external tool.

How do students receive their feedback?

Here is a tutorial for receiving instructor feedback through Grademark. If the instructor chooses to grade in the Canvas speedgrader, then the process is the same as it is for any other Canvas assignment except that the student can also click on the Turnitin icon to view her originality report.

How can I tell if my students have viewed their feedback?

If you use Grademark for grading, you can access the Turnitin inbox through the link on your Canvas assignment:


In the image above of a Turnitin assignment inbox, the eye icon indicates a student who has viewed feedback. The dots are students who have not seen the feedback.

Will Turnitin send a grade from Turnitin to the Canvas Gradebook?

Yes! Grades entered in Turnitin automatically get posted to the Canvas grade book. However, this is a one way link. Grades posted in Canvas do not show up in Turnitin.  

Can I use the Turnitin iPad app to grade?

I use it all of the time! In fact, the iPad Turnitin app does something nothing else does right now: you can download papers to the iPad and grade them without an Internet connection, using a rubric and Quickmarks (saved and reusable comments). Then, when you hit wifi again, the papers sync back to Turnitin (and therefore to Canvas).

Where can I see the originality report for a paper?

Icons for the originality report show up in the Canvas speedgrader and gradebook.  The full report can be seen by clicking on the icon in the speedgrader or accessing the LTI tool from the Canvas assignment or through the Turnitin iPad app.

What happens when I copy a course in Canvas?

The assignment, settings, instructions, and dates persist in Canvas when an instructor copies a course for a new term.The LTI assignment must be visited (if you load TII inside of Canvas or the LTI tool must be launched (if you load in a new tab) to reestablish the assignment and settings on the Turnitin side. Now, a student can access the assignment from Canvas to initialize the assignment in Turnitin; However, the instructor must set an available from date and a due date in Canvas to allow students to initialize an assignment.

How can I use Turnitin with an essay question on a Canvas Quiz to get an originality report?

There are two options.

The first option is to use a file upload question in the quiz. This allows students to upload a file in response to the question, and the instructor can bulk download the files from the quiz as documented in How do I create a File Upload quiz question?.  Once the students' files are downloaded in a zip file, the instructor could upload the zip file to the Submitting via quick submit on Turnitin's website. This is one good reason for instructors to set up accounts through Turnitin's interface and enable the quick submit in their settings.

The second option is to use essay questions in the quiz. After the students complete the quiz, the instructor can generate an item analysis. Download the item analysis and open it. Next, locate the column with the essay responses you wish to scan, and it helps here if you can search for a key word to locate the column. I always include the word "essay" in my essay questions, which lets me locate the columns I need quickly. Next, copy the column and submit it to Turnitin via cut and paste with Submitting via quick submit 

Here is a video that demonstrates using quick submit:

I want to check discussion posts for originality.

A feature request for using Turnitin on Canvas discussions is under review: . In the meantime, you can navigate to a discussion, select the entire page (ctrl A on Windows; Command A on Mac). Next, use Submitting via quick submit  on Turnitin's website and paste in the text. Some text you may not want will be included like the discussion prompts and your discussion replies to students, but if you can live with that, you can batch scan the posts, and what you copy even includes each student's name, so you know who wrote each post:


I want to use the Turnitin LTI but need a Canvas rubric for grading / assessment

Create your assignment as a Canvas assignment without linking it to Turnitin. Save the assignment. Add your rubric to the assignment, and edit the assignment to enable Turnitin. I

Can Students submit to Turnitin LTI assignments from the Canvas mobile apps?

Not at this time. As per Canvas iOS app and External Apps(LTI), Turnitin needs to make its LTI tool fully compatible for a mobile environment. However, it is possible for students to submit essays by using the browser on their mobile device. Additionally, Turnitin's iPad app supports student use for submitting papers  and viewing feedback. For students to gain access to the iPad app, they should go through the password recovery process after accessing Turnitin at least once through the canvas integration.

Are there any complications with the Turnitin LTI tool?

There is some loss of Canvas functionality that may affect some instructors:

  • Turnitin assignments will only accept one file per assignment.
  • Using differentiated due dates as documented inHow do I assign an Assignment to an individual student or course section? breaks date syncing with Turnitin because Turnitin can only handle one set of dates per assignment. As a workaround, an instructor could set a date in Turnitin that corresponds with the last date in Canvas, allowing all groups to submit to the same assignment, but this only works if your school is not using the custom codes to automatically sync due dates with Turnitin.  Alternatively, an instructor could set up multiple assignments, releasing each assignment only to one subset of students.
  • If an instructor wishes to alter a Canvas rubric on a Turnitin assignment, she must Turn off the LTI to alter the rubric and then reinstate the LTI when done editing the rubric. Warning: disabling the LTI after students have submitted will severe the connection between Canvas and the LTI; you should only do this if students have not submitted.
  • It is not possible to use the Turnitin LTI (or any other external tool submission) with a Canvas group assignment; the option to assign to a group disappears as soon as "External Tool" is selected as the submission type.

I have a question that is not answered here.

You can comment on this blog, and I am happy to help, but I do not work for Instructure or Turnitin and have no inside information. I am an English Professor, and I use the Turnitin LTI tool in Canvas daily. 

I do not like something about the Turnitin LTI. Who should I make aware of my displeasure?

Most issues are going to be with Turnitin. File bug reports and give feedback at Turnitin - Support Wizard.  You can also contact your local Canvas admin to pass feedback to the Turnitin rep for your institution. I encourage you to do this. Let Turnitin know that Canvas users want and deserve their attention. Turnitin is a great product, but it is also an expensive one. Get the most for your money by getting your feedback to the right folks.

However, it is also true that Canvas and Turnitin are working together, and Instructure Employees have initiated discussions on the following known issues:

Turnitin + Canvas: submissions appearing on the wrong assignment

Turnitin + Canvas issue: "Resubmit to Turnitin" button occasionally results in submission getting st...

Turnitin + Canvas: Allow teachers to resubmit on behalf of students

Canvas + Turnitin: Retreive TII originality score again after due date has passed

Questions? If so, please don’t be shy!

Does Feedback Studio alter any functionality?

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I find the statement from Turnitin about ending support for the API tool very interesting. I am an adjunct at another institution that uses Canvas, and passed that along to them. They contacted their csm at Turnitin and he said that there are some problems with the LTI and they are working with Instructure on fixing it and we should use the API until Summer. Has anyone experienced something similar?

Learner II​, my understanding is that Turnitin US can extend the API cutoff date for individual customers by request -- this request should be directed to your Turnitin rep. I've also heard that Turnitin UK may be retiring the API integration on a slightly different timetable.


That is great news if this is the case. I am contacting my rep now. The LTI is a mess.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate


In a nutshell, what are some of the problems that still exist for the LTI? Thanks in advance.


To sum up the issues I would say there is very poor interoperability between the products. With the API, using Turnitin in Canvas is very straightforward.

There are some issues that are mentioned throughout this thread, with the dates after copy being one of the issues.


Let me also let you know that there are no show-stopper problems. There are some great features gained by using the LTI, but change is hard, and when that change increases clicks there is generally blow back for us.

Learner II​, could you say a bit more about the new features available using the LTI with Canvas? We will be transitioning from the API to LTI integration over the winter holidays, and have heard quite a bit from peers about challenges but not as much about benefits.


This is what we put together for our faculty back  in 10/20/16.   We have not updated anything since then.@

Canvas and Turnitin

Important Changes

  • There is an iPad app for grading Turnitin assignments. Use the following link to download the app.
  • You can use Feedback studio for grading or use Speedgrader. You cannot use both. Once you assign a grade in Speedgrader you break the synchronization between Turnitin and Canvas. This cannot be fixed.
  • If you want to use a Canvas rubric for grading, create and/or attach the rubric before configuring the assignment submission as an external tool.
  • Turnitin does not work with the Canvas mobile apps, at this time.
  • Leave the UNTIL date in Canvas blank. If you set this date, students will not be able to view your feedback once the UNTIL date is reached.
  • Students will not see your feedback in Turnitin until the “Feedback Release” date is reached.

Things you may not like

  • The test student does not work with the new version of Turnitin. We have created a “fake student” to use for testing purposes. Please contact Dave Willmore or Angie Hampel for help with this.
  • At this time, Turnitin assignments will copy over from one semester to another but if you use the “Adjust Events and Due Dates” feature when importing it may cause an error.
  • Although the assignment will import to a new course, you must set the “Due Date” and “Available from” dates for the assignment to link to Turnitin. If you have “undated” assignments, you must click on the assignment to activate it.
  • The instruction field in the Turnitin assignment will not copy over. Please be sure to put your instructions in the rich text editor in the Canvas assignment.
  • Turnitin does not work with groups or differentiated assignments.
  • You cannot submit a file for a student in the Canvas LTI Assignment.
  • You cannot restrict student submission types. By default, Turnitin allows students to submit their assignment as a text entry or file upload.
  • Students can only submit one file (not multiple files) to the assignment.
  • Similarity color coding displays in the gradebook but once the grade is submitted the color-coding disappears.
  • You cannot “unpublish” LTI assignments that have submission.

Things You will like

  • The new integration contains all major features of Turnitin—eRater, Grade Anything (Powerpoint, Excel, etc.) and Peer Review.
  • You can save and reuse comments (Quickmarks) and rubrics between classes. No need to export and import, these will now persist.
  • Want to use Turnitin with essay questions in a Canvas quiz? You can do this by creating the questions as a file upload type question. Then batch download the files and upload the zip file to “Checking Quick Submit” at You will need to set up your account first, but that is a simple matter of going to and changing your password. Your accounts already exist via Canvas. Dave Willmore can assist you with this process.
  • You can resubmit a paper for a student and you can delete a submitted paper in the LTI assignment.
  • You can submit papers directly to Turnitin. Contact Dave Willmore ( for assistance with this process.
Community Member

I shouldn't admit this, but I had no idea the "quick submit" function existed. If I could mark this post "super extra helpful" I would. :smileygrin:

Learner II

That is an excellent summary, David.​, as David says, there are no show stoppers for using the LTI. I would, however, say that some work flows work better than others when using the LTI. For some faculty, that means altering work habits, which can be painful for faculty and support staff alike.

There is also a learning curve. More features introduce some complexity.

Finally, Turnitin can be blamed for some snags in the tool, but Canvas plays a role here as well. For instance, David rightly points out that Turnitin does not work with groups or work well with differentiated assignments; however, the group controls in Canvas disappear for all external based assignments. That is, as soon as you select external tool for submission, the group options disappear from the assignment, so this drawback is not unique to Turnitin.

Check out the blog post itself, and watch my videos, which show most major functions of the LTI and Turnitin, including, ahem, Quick Submit. :smileymischief:


I'll echo that the user experience just getting the LTI for Turnitin turned on is not great....which is something Canvas has control over. Here's a feature request to make turning on LTI's easier within Canvas Assignments:

Community Member

The problem with having read and followed this document/conversation from the beginning is that I've apparently long since forgotten things I used to know Smiley Happy

On a semi-related note, I wonder if anyone has saved all these responses in a searchable file (Word, whatever). The pagination keeps me from using all this fertile content to its fullest...

Learner II

You're right, Tracey. One other  problem with the conversation as a resource is that  some of the comments that offer critiques, solutions, workarounds, etc. are obsolete because both Canvas and the Turnitin LTI has changed over time. I've tried to keep the blog updated with the best information from the conversation, but I know I have missed stuff.

Explorer III

What about creating a community group for turnitin users?  With so many comments here, it seems clear a group could be pretty active, and probably better for finding answers than trying to page through the comments here (assuming some of the most common questions and answers could be re-created i the group).

Explorer III

I created a group request for this at   if anyone here wants to add a comment or support for it.

Community Member

Hey, Dallas. Thanks for this great collection of info. Let me know if this is up-to-date? 

We have found that the second "layer" of settings -- the Optional Settings -- definitely do not copy and have alerted our TII rep. Let me know if there's a better place to post this.


Learner II

Hi, Jill. The optional settings do not copy (and never have) on a course import. it would be super spiffy if they did though. Smiley Happy 

TII should use your saved default settings though.

Learner II

I updated the blog to give the most recent information I have on the new version of the Turnitin plugin that is coming in Fall 2017:

Canvas is also currently developing a more robust framework for plagiarism detection services: Spring Cleaning Is Coming: Plagiarism-Detection Improvements Headed Your Way! Turnitin has announced that they will be continuing the LTI plugin while also developing a new plugin using the framework Canvas is developing. The target release for the new plugin is Fall 2017. This new plugin promises Turnitin assignment creation within Canvas's interface for those who wish to use Canvas for most operations but would like an originality report from Turnitin. Users who wish to grade in Turnitin or use Peermark will wish to use the LTI version. However, Turnitin says institutions will be able to run both the LTI and the new plugin simultaneously. 

It sounds as if this new plugin will have less features than the LTI while promising to provide the ease of use many people enjoy with the older API plugin. 


Learner II

I have updated the submission tutorial for students to match the new, simplified submission process. Also, I tried to stress the ability to download a submission receipt more in this version:

Community Member

Thanks so much for this. Can you tell me if this is the student experience for assignments set up with the legacy API? Or only for the LTI? We have decided to keep both the LTI and the API available at the admin level at our institution, but recommend the legacy API for faculty in the short-term.

Learner II

Hi, Jill! We turned off the API a long time ago. This tutorial is only for the LTI. As I recall, in teh API, students submit the paper to Canvas and a copy is forwarded to Turnitin. In the LTI, the opposite is true: The student submits to Turnitin and a copy gets forwarded to Canvas.

I hope that helps!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate‌ We are running the legacy API and LTI at the admin level of our institution.  We are also recommending that faculty continue to use the API for those only needing the originality report.   Knock on wood but our experience has been better this way so far. 

Learner II

Thanks, Rick!

Community Member

Thanks for this, Kory! Let me know if you have any tailored support materials to share. I will have some soon. In particular, I am not sure how the student accesses their originality report when submitting using the API. Setting up test students and the perfect environment is such a challenge. Much obliged. Jill

Learner II

Hey‌! As I recall, students click on the Turnitin icon in the graded essay within Canvas for the API version. Give that a try and let us know if it works. Smiley Happy 

Community Member
Community Team
Community Team
Learner II

News: The Turnitin app has been released for the iphone. I can't imagine grading on an iPhone instead of my iPad, but if you want to, you can! Smiley Happy 

Community Member

Our instructors really want students to be able to view the grading rubric (from Canvas) before submitting their assignment to Turnitin. Does anyone else have this need? or a creative way to solve the problem? 

Learner II

Hi, kdemello‌! When building a rubric, I always build a version in a table in Microsoft Word before building it in Canvas, Turnitin, or whatever system I am working in. That helps me visualize the rubric better and revise it easily. A happy side effect of this approach is that, I can always share the rubric as a Word file or .pdf. with my students, and they can see the rubric before they submit assignments.

Do you think that might work for you?

Community Member


It is a great workaround. The trouble is that we asked all our profs to get their rubrics up in Canvas, and many of them had not created one in the past. It is a great idea moving forward, I just wish there was a way to let the rubric be viewable if it is already created in Canvas, without having the prof need to format a word document for each that they have put up in Canvas already. 


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi kdemello...

It's a few extra clicks, but if a Canvas rubric is already built as part of the assignment details, students can click on "Grades" >> [Assignment Name], and then in the upper right corner of the screen, you'll see a link for "Show Rubric".  Would that work for your needs?

Community Member

Yes‌ this is EXACTLY what I needed! Thank you so much! 

Learner II

In that case, kdemello, I would take a screenshot of the rubric in Turnitin and post that for students. If the rubric is in Canvas, I would do as‌ describes. Smiley Happy 

Community Member

Having an issue where students (all but one in my class) who submitted their work via turnitin can no longer see the turnitin dashboard in the assignment page. Therefore, they can't access the peer reviews that were assigned. Contacted Canvas to no avail, and Turnitin has been less than responsive to my ticket thus far (4 days later - and too late to fix for this assignment's peer reviews now). Anyone experience this before? Is there something I need to do? 

Lamplighter II

Hi kdemello‌ Some questions about your assignment settings in Canvas. 

Does the assignment have a set Until date? If so, this would explain why students can't see it. The TurnItIn Dashboard will NOT display after the Until day passes.  

Is the assignment only assigned to the one student? This may explain why only one student can see it. 

If you find those two things are not the  problem, I would create a support ticket in both Canvas and TurnItIn. 

Community Member

snugent‌ That was so helpful! That was exactly my problem - I had the assignment set in Canvas until the 22nd, and the reviews were set for the following day. It's fixed and you are my hero! 

Learner II

Yup! Susan is completely correct. External tool assignments and until dates do not mix well. I suggest leaving until dates blank on all Turnitin assignments so that students can always access the data in Turnitin.

Learner II

When using a Canvas rubric plus the Turnitin LTI students cannot see the Rubric before submitting.  Is there a way to allow students to see the Canvas rubric before they submit?

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi‌ - there are several workarounds.  1. an image of the rubric within the assignment.  2. directing the students to view the assignment through the grades ( 3. Setting up a "draft" assignment separate from the "final" Turnitin assignment (both assignments will need the rubric).

Community Member

Is there really no way for a student to delete their own submission to turnitin, so they can upload a different file? My students seem to require the instructor to delete the original submission so they can resubmit. 

Explorer III

Hi kdemello‌,

I think that's only partially correct. A Turnitin assignment can be setup to allow resubmissions for all students, which would then work (until the due date, unless other settings are changed) for all students in the course.  If the teacher doesn't have the resubmission option enabled for the assignment, then yes, I believe they would need to go in and delete a student submission themselves before the student could submit again.

I think this flexibility is good, because in some cases a teacher may not want to globally allow resubmits (if they don't want students to be able to correct any plagiarism issues on their own before getting graded).  In other cases, teachers use Turnitin as more of a way to teach students about plagiarism and encourage multiple submissions to fix things flagged by Turnitin.  The flexibility does require the teacher to setup the options correctly based on their needs though.


Learner II

Welll stated, chriscas‌! I prefer to allow students only one submission. For me this is an added bonus for using Turnitin because native Canvas does not allow restricting students to a single submission. Smiley Happy However, for those who wish to allow resubmission, that option is on the Turnitin optional settings. Once you set the optional kdemello, you can save your preferred setting as your default settings.

Learner II

Boom! I was grading papers this morning on my iPad. When I finished a paper, I went to my ipad teacher app to add the grade, but it was already there! After multiple testings, I am happy to report that grades now sync from the Turnitin iPad app to the canvas grade book! I am thrilled that this long standing known issue has been resolved. Smiley Happy 

Learner II

Does anyone know when the default start date is for a Turnitin Assignment created through the Canvas Turnitin LTI?




I believe it is 12 hours prior to creation date of the assignment.

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Hi Greg,

If I recall correctly, the default start date is 18 hours before the assignment was created. (This date/time is back-dated.) If there are substitution variables in place, the Available From date is used for the start date.



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Hi, Dallas! Do you have plans at your institution to transition to the new Plagiarism Framework? If so, will you be updating this wonderful blog? Thanks. Jill

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Hey,‌! My school has decided against using the plagiarism framework version. We are happy with the LTI as it offers the full suite of Turnitin services, and tech support is not wild about two integrations with two procedures for the same tool. Hopefully, some enterprising individual will start using the plagiarism framework version and offer up some tips and tricks!  Smiley Happy 

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Thanks, Dallas! We are going to move forward with the PF with TII for fall. We will still keep LTI and Legacy API at the account level in conjunction with the PFw/TII. Will keep the community posted.