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Chromebooks, Canvas and Flash, Oh My!

Hello! So I have had numerous issues with getting the tutorial videos (Vimeo based) to run on my school Chromebook.  I am thinking that it is a flash issue, which also leads me to my next issue- recording videos in the rich editor screen for assignments, announcements, and such for my courses in Canvas. I would appreciate any and all feedback to help me troubleshoot these issues.  Thanks!!! chromebooks‌ google chrome‌  canvas‌ #vimeo

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 @lshadrickadmin ‌ - I have at least one of each device but sadly no Chromebook to test the solutions I've read to this problem you are seeing.

My suggestion would be to narrow this search to add parameters such as your Chromebook manufacturer and/ or update version of the OS.   Google search results for "chromebook flash not working"

Perhaps it is something simple such as going to the plugins section and allowing:   Allow [*.]

Or select "Detect an run important plugin content..." and click on "Manage individual plugins"

Choose "Always execute" with the Adobe Flash Player

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I know that this original post was a while ago, but in case you still needed help enabling Flash, I thought I would respond.  There is a way to enable Flash on Chromebooks and in the Chrome browser.  Unfortunately, this will soon need to be done each time on the same site as Flash begins to fade out.

If you go to the address bar and click in the area before the https:// (for secured sites there will be a padlock there)URL https___,  a menu will open, select the Site Settings gear.  The a page with settings for the site will open.  Locate the Flash settings on the page and where it says Ask (Default), change it to allow.  Refresh the site page and then it should allow Flash to run.  However, there are some older videos that use Flash and will not run regardless of the permission and those usually won't work on a PC either.

Hopefully Flash will be a thing of the past in Canvas really soon.