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Does anyone have an API tool (like google sheet) for quiz question retrieval? (classic quizzes)

Greetings all,

We've had a recent request for an easier way to retrieve quiz questions from canvas. It stems from permissions being locked down for many of our adjunct faculty. They can't edit quizzes, so they can't view the questions or answer choices unless they take the quiz themselves, and that's a very tedious method. 

We already have a bunch of google sheets we use that we obtained from you wonderful folks (I'm talking to you James!) such as a date changer, mass course un/publisher, etc. Does anyone have one for retrieving quiz questions / answer choices? 

Nothing fancy, just an input for the quiz id, which populates the sheet. I wanted to ask before I started trying to write it myself. I don't know if the different question types are going to make that harder than it seems at first glance.

Thank you!

Will P.

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