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Explorer III

Final Grade Override audit history/log

Does anyone else have an issue with the fact that the recently rolled out Final Grade Override feature does not track its changes in the Gradebook History log?  If it's important enough to track grade changes for assignments, it is surely important to track the changes made to the final grade override value.

If you agree, please vote up this Feature Request! 

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Community Member

This is a significant issue as it also doesn't appear in the canvas Live events or Canvas Data requests logs or even just the value itself in Canvas data proper.  It really needs to be addressed.

Highlighted Thank you for adding this additional perspective!  Even more reason for them to address this.  Thanks for voting it up.

Learner II

This is the primary reason we don't have it turned on.  It was key functionality we asked for when we transitioned to Canvas, but without a log, I'm not comfortable making it available.