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Generating a list of all courses in Manually-Created subaccount?

I'm trying to get a list of all courses in the "Manually-Created Courses" subaccount, however, courses without an SIS ID seem to not show up in the stock reports.  Anyone have a method to generate a list?

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Adventurer II


There are a few ways of doing it:

You can use the api below and get all the courses from a account. 

/api/v1/accounts/:account_id/courses GET API



You can use the canvas data portal and get the course_dim/fact and account_dim/fact tables (need sql basic knowledge - select/joins)



You can set a sis_id in all courses from that sub-account. Than, probably, all the courses will show into the admin report. 


Hope it helps!

Adventurer II

I just ran the Provisioning report in the Manually-Created Courses subaccount, and courses without SIS IDs appeared in it.


Never ran that report, thanks for sharing this info. 

Adventurer II

My pleasure! The SIS report shows only things that came into Canvas via the SIS, while the Provisioning report shows everything.