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Google Assignment and SpeedGrader

For those of you who have already enabled the new Google Assignments LTI 1.3, does it sync to SpeedGrader now? I just saw somewhere that it said grades would sync to SpeedGrader beginning Fall of 2020 and wanted to know if it's working now or not. I have not enabled it, but since Google Cloud assignments will be gone next year, I would like to enable Google Assignments for my teachers over the winter break. 

I would love to hear how it's working for those who have already enabled it.


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Surveyor II

This is a great question.  Have you enabled it or gotten any feedback yet?

I contacted my CSM and it is working now!

Surveyor II

Interesting.  So just installing the it wasn't enough for it to work?  How are the teachers liking it?

I just tried it myself, the assignments go into the grades, but nothing opened in Speedgrader.