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Grade Automation

I have some instructors, including myself wanting to automate some of the more tedious grading.  Some instructors have over 200 students in total.

The goal is to give consistent feedback (modifiable in the comments box) for all student receiving a 0.  And then consistent feedback for all scoring a 100%.  The rest can be done manually, but just adding the same comment for all 0s and diff comment of course for the 100s, would knock out a ton of time copying and pasting (some report 30 hours a week merely copy/paste).  Our institution requires feedback be left for every student, but it generally is the same feedback for 0s and same feedback for all 100s.  

To take this one step further consistent feedback in the rubric comments as well, or just default feedback which could be modified?  (we are required to leave feedback in each criterion of rubric as well).  

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